Rocket Raccoon – Beatles Parody (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” opens in theaters August 1. Prepare yourself by learning the history of Rocket Raccoon, the Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant!

Animfantastic teams up with Town in the City to parody one of our favorite Beatles tunes.

Directed & Animated by Matt Schiavone & Jimmy Schiavone
Lyrics & Vocals by Chris Bramante
Guitars, Banjo, Melodica by George Chammas
Piano, Harmonica, Mixing by Shawn Grindle
Percussion by Matt Campbell

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CAPTAIN AMERICA Cartoon Theme Song (1960’s)

Animfantastic sings Captain America’s mighty theme song from the 1960’s cartoon.

Check out our latest installment of “AnimBANDtastic” where we inspire Charles the Puppet with the Mighty Shield of the First Avenger!

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I’ve watched this movie TWICE in the past two days, and I’ve never done that before.  It’s as catchy as it’s titular song “Everything is AWESOME.” If you like Legos, laughing, or movies, you should probably go see The Lego Movie immediately, and  for so many reasons.  Here are just a few:


Everything in this movie is made with Lego bricks, and I mean EVERYTHING!  Well ok, not the great “artifacts” from the real world, (including a band-aid, and nail polish remover,) but everything else down to the bubbles in Emmit’s shower was made up entirely of animated bricks.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Man, that was all just programmed in the computer-majig!” Not so fast!  It actually broke down to almost fifty/fifty stop motion and CGI, under the guidance of Chris McKay who you may know from his work on Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken, and Morel Orel.  The film took inspiration from basement-made Lego movies, so even the computer animation didn’t push the characters much further than a real Lego figure.  Heck, they even made those beady little eyes make me feel things.



The music by composer Mark Mothersbaugh is a blast, using fun musical motifs that I swear have a colorful plastic quality reminiscent of the bricks themselves. Then there is the hilariously over-cheesy song “Everything is AWESOME” performed by Tegan And Sara featuring The Lonely Island with some tight, G-Rated verses about random awesome things.  Sure it’s a parody of itself but I’m listening to it right now.


This is the best, funniest, animated feature since Wreck-It Ralph.  Lego has rights to just about everything under the sun, and take full advantage with a barrage of top-notch crossover jokes.  The directors/writers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have produced possibly their strongest work yet, not just joke for joke, (because they did that, you may find yourself laughing harder than 21 Jump Street)  but also in their ability to incorporate important themes related to childhood.  Certainly there was the idea of sharing and playing together, but creativity was number one, and why shouldn’t it be?  It is The Lego Movie after all.  But it was almost as if it were a message from the company to the kids, “Don’t just do what the rulebook says!  Make your own creations and share them with the world!” What a beautiful expression of that sentiment! Hold on I’ve got something in my eye.




What a cast! Warner Brothers knew how big this movie was and threw together voices from almost every exceptionally popular and hilarious show on the air, PLUS Morgan Freeman.  Every actor was playing to his or her strong suit, with Chris Pratt in the lead as a lovable dummy, not unlike his character Andy on Parks and Recreation.  The performances by Will Ferrel as the gleefully sinister Lord Business, Morgan Freeman as the silly and mystical Vitruvius, Will Arnett as an egotistical Batman, and Charlie Day as an over-excited 80’s something astronaut, were just a few of many inspired performances.

Check out the FULL cast list, lots of familiar faces!


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Disney’s Frozen Movie Review

Chris, Felicity & Matt bask in the frosty jubilation of the wrap party for Disney’s “Frozen”, in theaters November 27, 2013. The Animfantastic gang gives you their review of this soon-to-be Disney classic.

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Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2013 (AnimSTANtastic)

Animfantastic beams into Stan Lee’s Comikaze at the Los Angeles Convention Center to explore the vast madness of Hollywood geekdom. In their travels, our hosts cross paths with animation cosplayers, steampunk aficionados and the world famous 2 Broke Geeks!

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How do Star Wars fans feel about EPISODE 7?

In this installment of Tales from the Con, the Animfantastic gang explores the feelings of Star Wars fans on the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7 directed by JJ Abrams!

How do you feel about Star Wars Episode 7?

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AnimCONtastic SDCC Part 2

The Fellowship of the Con continues their trek from the Halls of H to Marshes of Tin Fish and beyond! Cosplayers, creators and geekery abounds within a simple click of your clicker. Come along!

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